Personal Training


There are an infinite number of ways to work out, with countless exercises, conditioning methods, and protocols to choose from. Time is your most valuable commodity. Don't waste it on ineffective exercises, trainers, or gyms. Give me one month, and I will show you the quickest and most effective way to make the progress you want.

I empower my clients by teaching them about their body and exercise, so that they become an expert on their OWN body and health. I'm there every step of the way - from wherever you start out, to however far you want to take it. And you might just change your mind as to what your goals are as you see a transformation that makes you look and feel great.

My goal is to teach, empower, and take you to where you want to be. And then you can continue on your own, improve on your own, and be inspired by your own efforts and progress.


Programs and Pricing:


I assess you, collaborate with you, and you will start out at the appropriate point in the continuum below.

Phase I - Getting Fit: Body Basics and Exercise Fundamentals
Phase II - Mastering Your Work Outs
Phase III - Transition to Goal-Oriented Training
Phase IV - Intensity Matters
Phase V - Advanced Training

We use a trademarked fitness continuum... a logical progression that has been proven effective for everyone.


All Monthly Personal Training includes:
• Assessing your functional limitations, imbalances, compensations, and adaptations in muscles, joints, and nervous system; and provide exercises to correct and restore proper balance and function.

• Workout Planning

• Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

• Nutrition Planning

If you're interested in getting Scott to help you,
just contact him via text or voice at 808.938.8380


 If you'd like help getting:

• stronger
• more confident
• looking and feeling great,

All you have to do is ask!

I'll be happy to guide you thru the process.

Submit this quick form and I'll be in touch ASAP!

I want to know what's motivating you... what's the most important reason that you want to get in shape?

Let's discuss how we can use that to your advantage in really making it happen!


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