Practical Anti-Aging Tips

Besides our genes, which account for roughly 1/3rd of our aging destiny, the the other most important factors are eating right and exercising, which you can read about in other articles in the aging section. In addition, here are some practical tips that researchers have determined will help you live not just a longer life, but a happier, more healthful, active life! 1. Love someone, or be in love with life and everyone 2. Don’t “retire” to boredom at any age.  Work, or personal interests keeps you young! 3. Companions are good for you, even if the 4-legged variety 4. Have sex.  Doing so satisfies a bunch of these things by itself! 5. Decide to age gracefully, or remain youthful! 6. Decide to live your life.  Live! 7. Remain social 8. Never stop learning 9. Be calm.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Practice it, or just choose it! But these can all be summed up with just 3 general categories: 1.  Connections with others – people or pets, social relationships, and sex! 2.  Use it or lose it – Keep your brain & body active.  Learn, do, live! 3.  Attitude – decide to remain youthful and enjoy life, and that the rest doesn’t matter.  Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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