Sex Sells It Better

How to get her to “yes” in 3 seconds flat! That was the headline on the front cover. It should have said “How to get her to xxx in 3 seconds flat!” I thought for a moment and wondered why that mag didn’t have the headline “How to keep your liver from jumping out of your body!” instead. The feat would be about as likely to come true as the 3 seconds would be, and it would apply more to the healthy bod on the cover than 3 seconds would. ;-) Ok, it was a Hard Bodz magazine, and I’m guessing by the fitness chick (oops, model) in a teenie bikini on the front cover that it’s a muscle (almost skin) mag. And looking at a couple other mags nearby, Cosmo being one, SEX, SEX, SEX was all over the covers. It just struck me that everybody’s displaying sex, selling sex, promoting sex, in order to sell their “stuff”. Maybe just a rant, maybe something really worth discussing, not that I think it will change anything. So I’m writing this just to say it, if nothing else. I’m into female skin and sex-sex-sex just as much as the next estrogen-attracted male, but I sometimes forget that the mags are marketed with the least common denominator in mind. Would a magazine sell if the cover said “How to keep your liver from jumping out of your body!”? Let’s try. ;-)Then follow it up with an article about the effects of drinking, drugs, pharmaceuticals and otherwise, cigarettes, and the chemical-laden junk food diet on your liver, along with a sexy photo of a healthy liver and a not-so-sexy photo of a damaged one. Would that magazine sell? I started working out to become a better athlete. I continued to work out because of the attention from estrogen-laden females. I learned about the health benefits along the way, and continue to work out for all of those reasons and more.  Regardless of your motivation, getting strong starts the process of building muscle, and making metabolic and other changes, mental and physical, that go hand-in-hand with anything that you might be motivated by.  Stop for a minute.  Again, it works regardless of your motivation.  Strong is the new Sexy.  For your health, for yourself, and really, because it makes you the best you can be!

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