So Many Supplements: But Which Ones Work?

I was just looking at a supplement lineup that included a list of names like Shred This, Ripp That, and Lean Out. Not very descriptive, really. There were so many listed with names all sounding similar, that I was inclined to just skip it. If that’s how I felt (and I know what most ingredients are, what they do, etc), I can imagine the non-expert regular Jane or Joe looking at all that and either closing their browser, or ordering a couple things based on the name alone. Problem is that most people don’t know which ingredient does what, or how much effect the product will give them. In any case, there are no magic pills that are going to transform your body. I’m guessing that those products are preying on people’s desire to take a shortcut and be able to eat however they normally eat, do a little cardio or work out a little, and get a sleek physique. That’s not going to happen. You’ve got to feed your body the right stuff to support lean tissue, build more lean tissue than you currently have, and get it metabolically active! Do you know how to do that? You also have to quit eating the stuff that’s causing you to hold bodyfat or store more bodyfat. Take caffeine for workout energy. It is quite healthy, actually, for your brain and body, in moderate dosages. Eat quality protein, and enough of it. Work out right. That means get strong. Eat lots of nutrient dense, whole foods, and little that is processed. Eat that way, and your sugar cravings will mostly subside, and you’ll see more results than you will with any other method. There’s no getting around it. If you want to look healthy, you have to GET healthy. If you want to look fit, you have to GET fit. Figuring out a way to make it a routine that you can live with makes it a lifestyle… a creates a healthy, fit you! You find the supplements I recommend EVERYone take at!

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