Supplements and Guidelines for Better Health and Fitness

You can read and listen to the videos about probiotics here… general, look to avoid MSG, (“natural flavor”, and all of the other forms of MSG), artificial everything, but especially sweeteners, sucralose (an artificial sweetener, but they don’t have to call it that), and trans fats. Vitamin Shoppe has the following that I recommend that you start taking: Whey Protein – (not an absolute must, but easy and convenient way to bump up protein intake, which you might not be able to eat enough of, otherwise)  Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey: Natural Vanilla Flavor (this has no artificial sweeteners, nor sucralose) Glutamine – You can get VitaShoppe’s cheapest brand, or order from or other via a search.  A 2.2lb canister (1 Kilogram) costing around $35 is a decent deal.  I have found it as cheap as $20/KG and bought a bunch of it to stock up.  You will benefit from taking about 5/10 grams (for Leslie/John dosages) immediately before AND after your workout, or take one or two times each day on non-workout days also. Greens Formula – You can order these from me at the link below, or find an OK version at Vita Shoppe.  You’ll like mine better, and they’re as good or better than anything available.  I would recommend buying a case of 12, but I’ll leave that up to you… no hard sell.  Everyone who’s ever gotten them from me continues to order them, and say that none others compare.  In any case, I recommend at least Leslie = 1/John = 2 scoops a day for both of you.  And more for optimal health. FYI… I take 4 or 5 scoops every single day, and Susan takes 2 scoops/day.  This is something that I can not emphasize the importance of, and benefit of, enough. has the following: Coconut Oil – this is great as supplemental fat, has MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides, which the brain can burn in the absence of fructose), and has all kinds of anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal properties, and more.  You can/should use it on your skin as well. BioAstin – has astaxanthin, which has a load of great properties, including being a natural sunscreen (from the inside-out).  I recommend using it for sun protection and nothing else, unless you’re going to be exposed for hours and have no other means of protection.  That should be few and far between.  I also recommend that you get real sun exposure to the point that you keep a nice tan.  No burning, if possible, but nice and brown. 🙂 or has the following: Probiotics – you will benefit from taking these every day.  You can read about my experience and dosages, and experiment yourself.  Roughly 20Billion organisms per capsule is a convenient dosage.  I have taken as much as 100Billion worth every couple of hours when feeling like a sore throat was beginning, and it has always been gone by the next day or two.  You can take some with high carb meals to help digestion be more complete.  The idea is to keep your Good to Bad bacteria ratio POSITIVE in your GI Tract.  Sugar (or carbs that convert to glucose, fructose, etc) feeds BAD bacteria, so taking probiotics with higher carb meals counters that effect. Ubiquinol – for the brain.  Something it needs (more usable form of Co-Q10, especially for people over 40) to function right. will no doubt have some good info about it and everything else that you care to read about.  He overdoes it a bit with too much info, but he offers a wealth of info and research summaries and sources. Fish Oils with high DHA – smart to include, even if you take coconut oil and flax oil, hemp oil, etc that have a good amount of Omega-3s.  Fish Oil is utilized by the body so well. This is something I can order for you from MetaGenics, and the quality is top-notch.  FYI, my doc friend says the Krill oil tends to oxidize, so he recommends MetaGenics.  Vitamin Shoppe will have some in the refrigerated section.

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