The End-All Be-All for Fitness

Real or hype? You’ve seen the commercials and infomercials.  Countless of them touting this and that apparatus as the best, easiest, most effective, FUN, efficient, and all around greatest thing in the world!  Just minutes a day and you’ll be in the best shape of your life.  Need I make a list?  It will be outdated by tomorrow. Following suit are the super-duper workouts that guarantee even greater results in the least amount of time.  Follow their plan for just 90 days, and you’ll amaze yourself and your family and friends.  Go ahead, take the challenge! And finally, the fitness models who promote the equipment and workouts in commercials and infomercials, and even a Yoga instructor and franchise owner of a Yoga training system who promotes her system on DVDs, all have the same thing in common.  They’re misrepresenting the truth.  And that’s being nice about it.  The truth is, they get in shape one way, and they tell you they get in shape another way.  They’re trying to sell you the end-all be-all, but the way they stay fit is something entirely different.  Why?  Because the end-all be-all equipment and workout systems aren’t really end-all be-all.  Nor are they very good, at all! The Yoga franchiser is someone I know.  And someone I’ve watched work out with a personal trainer, doing a weight training routine, for years.  And when it’s time to get in tip top shape just prior to shooting a new Yoga DVD, she hits the gym hard, working out with that personal trainer, with weights.  Not heavy weights, but a weightlifting routine that targets all the major muscle groups, just like a bodybuilder works out, with specific modifications based on a different goal. Same holds true for the fitness models you see demonstrating the end-all be-all exercise equipment that will end up as a clothes rack or storage shelf in your house after 2 weeks.  They get in shape working out with weights, using progressive resistance, barbells, dumbbells, and heavy duty equipment designed for thousands to use every week.  And then they get paid to make it look like the equipment they’re demonstrating is effective.  You see the motion, the movement, their muscles contracting, and “wow, that looks like it really does the trick”! But someone who is in shape, lean, and fit, and who understands how their body and muscles work, can make it look like swinging a golf club is a good workout.  They can make it look like pressing the air is a good workout.  Because they can contract their muscles in the desired way, using specific movements, it will look impressive.  And anything they’re doing at the time will look impressive.  That’s how a bag of marshmallows could look like the ultimate workout gear! Bottom line: Don’t buy the hype!  There’s no silver bullet for weight loss, improving your health, or fitness.  If you can’t look at a piece of exercise equipment that’s touted as the end-all be-all and tell if it really is or not, then you don’t know enough about your body and how it works, and you should start with learning the basics of exercise first.  Exercise physiology is the term, and a basic understanding of it will expedite your progress towards being healthy, fit, and knowing how to be both.

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