Weight-lifting: the ultimate exercise form

lifting weights, if done the right way, is the ultimate way to spend the least amount of time and effort, to get the most results. Any other form of exercise could be a personal preference, but for the best return on investment of time & effort, there is no equal to resistance training! The bottom line is that equating activities to calories is stupid. Figuring out how much you can get away with is counter productive. You need to know the most important, impactful facts and figures. So you need to know that putting crap into your body is going to come ta price. You can get away with it sometimes, but generally, you should adopt a way of life and eating that gives the body what it needs… EVERYTHING that it needs! But nothing else. Most of the time. When your body is chiseled, detoxified, clean, pure (as practical), and overall healthy, vibrant, strong (functionally is most important), and capable of day to day action, plus maybe a little more (ok, for some of us, we want to be A LOT more capable of action! Superhero, anyone?), then you’ll probably LOOK great, feel great, and BE strong, healthy, and able to kick @$$!

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