Total Health Solution Nutrition Plan
Optional Program 2:
Total Health Solution
Totally Custom Nutritional Plan to Optimize Your Health & Fitness

This is a custom plan with my help every step of the way. It starts with a custom plan based on exactly what your body type is, what your lifestyle is, what your fitness regimen is, etc.

We will discuss and modify as needed, and the timeframe will be as needed for each phase of the program, also.

Elimination of toxic and unhealthy substances from the diet
Macronutrients - protein, carbs, fat

Micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids

"Essential" Supplementation - our food supply can no longer provide minimum requirements, so we need to include SOME supplements

Optimizing Supplements - if you want to optimize your health/wellness/fitness, you should include these.

Medical Foods - healing your stomach/GI Tract, improving digestion, re-establishing your microbiome, improving immune health, reduces inflammation, heals the gut lining, seals your GI Tract from pathogens.
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30 Day Nutrition Kick Starter Optional Program


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