30 Day Nutrition Kick Starter Program for $69!

Kick Start Plan is a self-guided plan,
This is a Kick Start Nutrition Program,
and you can take it as far as you'd like!
I hope you take it all the way to your BEST Body and Health Ever!
We will clean up what you're taking in, detox what's "gunking up" your metabolic machinery already, get you healthier and feeling better, work towards feeling GREAT with solid health, and then working towards optimum health!
Cleaning up your diet - this may mean taking baby steps for some of you, eliminating the worst things first, and letting you adjust before the next step; or some of you may be ready to jump "all in" and follow a "perfect" plan from the start. Either way, the end point is the same, and we are interested in ultimate success. So if you need to start slow and take it step-by-step, that's what we'll do!

You will get a sample meal plan, food list, and instructions for fluid and food intake, meals, and impactful health foods list. Everything will be explained, so that you know what you're doing and why you're doing it. If something seems like it's working, we'll keep doing it; if something doesn't seem quite right, we'll modify things that don't seem right.

You will also get:
A lot of very structured, (in stages, so that it's not overwhelming!) and detailed information that puts you on course to learn and implement a REAL, Healthy, All Natural and Effective New Way of Feeding Your Body!

We will speak on the phone to start, so that I can learn about your health, your eating habits, and your lifestyle. You will be keeping a food journal for one week. Everything you put into your mouth should be recorded, in approximate amounts. No need for weighing your foods. You will email this to me at the end of 7 days.
Day 1:
You will get Phase 1 of the Program, and you will implement that for 1 week. Phase 1 is cleaning up your food choices, cutting out most (or all) junk, and getting your meals and macros right.
Week 2:
Phase 2 begins... fine tuning Phase 1 meals, marcros, and junk, and beginning to include some natural healthy foods and/or supplements into your eating regimen. These will all be things that will help your metabolism, immune system, clean up your system.

You will also have the choice to include a simple medical food Detox (available for purchase, separately). It will speed up the Detox process, helping your body and metabolism function better.
Week 3:
We will continue to adjust foods and amounts as necessary, depending on results to this point. You will also start cutting your Detox down to a "maintenance dose" (we are exposed to various toxins every day, so it is best to consistently "detox" with a maintenance dosage after you have done a therapeutic dosage.)

We will begin adding in a few important supplements that you will either buy at the health food store or online (and some of the most important are available on my website, if you wish). These will be optional, but they will be recommended, and you can start implementing them at this point, or whenever you'd like. The results you get will be enhanced, obviously, if you implement them sooner than later.
Week 4:
Phase 4 begins... We will review your results at this point, and modify as needed. You will also get a list of "optimizing" supplements to implement as soon as you can. The supplements and their benefits will be explained to you in detail, via video, etc.
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30 Day Nutrition Kick Starter Program


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