Scott Sands
Rocket Scientist Turned Body Scientist
Former NASA Space Shuttle Engineer
  2015 News:
Moved from Hawaii to the Dallas, TX area
where he worked with the patients of Dr. Michael Phillips.

2016 News:
Moved from Arlington, TX to Houston, TX
where he worked with the patients of Dr. Bob Rakowski.

2017 News:
Moved from Houston, TX to Redondo Beach, CA

Education & Certifications: 
B.S., M.S.- Physics, Texas A&M University
NASM CES - National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialist
ACE CPT - American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer


Neuromusculoskeletal Integrative Exercise Specialist
• Identifies the underlying cause of pain and faulty movement patterns.
• Corrects imbalances and dysfunctions / deficiencies.
• Re-establishes proper function to muscles and joints.
• Treating the Integrated Body by Optimizing Movement Patterns and Muscular Functions.


Expertise In:
Health/Fitness/Nutrition - Bodyfat reduction, body sculpting / building, nutrition, supplementation, core/functional training, integrated flexibility, strength & conditioning, natural health remedies, and overall healthy lifestyle practices.

Scott is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. He has unique insights into exercise, nutrition, and natural health remedies.

Scott's strength is being able to find the best solution for each individual. He has developed his own protocols that best take a client from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced fitness levels. It is part of his 5 Phase Fitness system.

Scott is dedicated to teaching you - not just showing or telling you what to do - so that you become the master of your own body. He knows that the better you understand your own body, the better you can grasp and implement the most effective and efficient solutions for lifelong health.

BS & MS in Physics, NASA Mission Operations Space Shuttle engineer, Website Developer, owned and managed a weight loss clinic for women, and has helped hundreds achieve their fitness and health goals. He has been working out and experimenting with fitness, nutrition, and supplementation since his late teens.


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